Get Moving, Keep Moving | Lora Dicarlo

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Get Moving, Keep Moving

Sometimes I find myself between not just a rock and a hard place, but multiple rocks and multiple hard places. We all feel this way sometimes—overwhelmed with our work, our personal lives, stress, anxiety-inducing news cycles… you get the point.

Exercise has been a part of my daily routine for years and it helps me manage the overwhelm. It isn’t about looking a certain way, it’s about giving my brain the stuff it needs to handle a packed schedule and running a startup. It also gives me the energy to show up in the world with positivity and determination, which is increasingly more important as we fight systemic inequality.

Exercise keeps me grounded and focused. Here are my go-to tracks for getting hyped about working out, and I hope you’ll enjoy them, too. Use this playlist for basically anything that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping—like running, cycling, dancing, lifting weights, boxing, rowing—you name it!

Remember, a healthy mind and body means you can tackle the stuff that’s most important to you.

Let’s do this!

Lora’s Cardio Playlist